It's a "Dry Heat"

The Las Vegas Valley is comprised of nearly 600 square miles. While a dry heat dominates between April and August, spring and winter seasons are typically mild and pleasant. Desert winds are sometimes prevalent and summer temperatures can reach as high as 120 degrees, but there is very little humidity. This ideal climate promotes plenty of outdoor activities ranging from golf and tennis to skiing, swimming, hiking and boating.

Caring for Pets in the Desert

Pets need special care when adapting to and living in a desert climate. Limit the amount of time your animals spend outside during the hottest parts of day and always provide plenty of fresh water and shade. Remember your pets' sensitive foot pads, which can easily burn on hot concrete or dirt during the hottest times of day.

Pet Licensing

Licenses are required for all dogs and cats in Clark County. Residents are limited to three adult dogs and three adult cats per household. You may have up to six dogs and cats if you obtain a special pet fancier's license.

Both dogs and cats must be restrained by a leash. All dogs and cats must have rabies shots every two years.

Culture & Quality

A city with an increasingly diverse and unique quality of life, Las Vegas continues to evolve with fresh new cultural offerings that appeal to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

- From the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce -